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Gumboots and Vomit Buckets

Sympathy or Empathy

Gumboots on…… bucket, mop and for the love of the children. Big breath in… Hold… Big breath out… Hold… Poop, Vomit and Crying. I thought for a moment the night would never end.

This week I have had 3 boys with ear infections and tummy bugs. Two very trying symptoms for very little boys. As a Mum, I have had my moments of going “ah my poor babies” (which by-the-way makes the whole situation worse) to practitioner Mum “your bodies are doing the best they can to heal itself”. They vomit and poop, it the quickest way the body knows how to expel the waste. Get it out… let the little guys (called your immune-defence) inside help with its ability to get back to perfect health. I do a Family BEST. The fever regulates, the pressure is off and they have a little nap so the body can do what it is known to do… HEAL.

I have the tools to assist their little bodies to settle down. Calm the system and the little soldiers in their bodies can do the rest. As 1am passes and one bigger projectile vomit… (how much more can you expel… I am sure you haven’t eaten in two-days) I feel the sense of Serenity come into the room. This is it. We are over the hump. The boys start to settle. Their little heads are back on the pillows without any major protest. They have DONE IT!! Rest my babies. Tomorrow the sun will shine and this will be a distant memory.

I sat there for a while and thought back to when Sebastian was first born and the first “sick” came into the house. I went deep into sympathy mode and it was a song of poor baby this and poor baby that. The “sick” seemed to hang around forever. The longer he was unwell the more sympathy I gave and the worse we both began to feel. You see I did not understand that by showing all this sympathy, I was bringing the energy of the room down. I have since learned that…. Switch to empathy and I am showing the respect and compassion needed for the situation and raising the vibration of the room with a level of confidence that the boys can get through this. They will heal and be well. They look to me for guidance on how to react to these trying times they experience. If I crash in the heap of “the-pity-party” they very quickly join me. Instead I encourage us all to focus on how clever the body is and how perfect health is only moments away.

Replenish the Trace Minerals lost during mass body evacuation. Hydrate and Rest. They will let me know when they are ready to start digesting food again. So, for now I will offer love and water.

Written by Pam Siddins


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