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How do you handle your brilliant day nosediving into something not so great?

Have you ever had.....

that day where you got up in the morning and you felt fantastic, you go about your business and everything is brilliant?  You were having the best time, and then something, a person or situation, comes along and floors you.  As soon as one thing floors you, another does, and then another does and suddenly you are in the middle of a domino effect and everything has fallen down.  You mind turns to “Why me? Why today? What is going on? ” and you get more and more upset or angry with each scenario coming at you… and your day is ruined. 

Everybody can relate to this at some level and at one stage or another (or in some people’s cases, more often than not) we have gone through this, worn the tee-shirt, and bought the book.

So how to handle this?  How can we stop ALL the dominos falling when one is knocked over?

It’s important to understand, firstly, that this is all happening internally, NOT externally.  Somewhere deep in the back of our mind the situation has TRIGGERED an old memory and you are reacting to that old memory, brought to the forefront, in a present time situation.

We don’t usually know what this memory is that is causing our reaction; if we did, (unless you kind of like pain), we would have dealt with the unpleasantness previously.  The fact is, we don’t know straight off why we are reacting this way, and why this bursts open an emotional dam.

So how can you deal with this?

Here are 5 ideas on how to stop the mayhem in its track, self-manage the situation and get your day back to the happy place:

1.      Walk away from the situation at hand and practice your rhythm breathing (four square breathing).  By rhythm breathing you automatically begin to disengage your flight/fight/fright nervous system (Sympathetic Nervous System).  As the opposite nervous system called the Parasympathetic Nervous system comes into play, it regulates your heart rate, standing down the tense muscles and tendons, allowing the body to switch off the automatic defence system which relaxes and calms.

2.      You can Morter March.  This bilateral neurological exercise brings about alignment to the mind and allows the Sympathetic Nervous System and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems to balance naturally and quickly.  You continue to Morter March until you feel better.

3.      Write down what is happening.  Write down how the situation irritates you, and why.  And then analyse what LESSON you can learn from the situation at hand, or person you are dealing with.  What can I learn from this?  What would you do differently at the start in order to move into a different outcome or ending?

4.      Step into a field of gratitude.  Instead of focusing on the person or situation, sit down and start thinking of all the things that are good in your life.  You can even pre-empt this situation by having a gratitude list ready that you can read each morning.  What am I grateful for, what brings me joy and happiness, what is it in life that I cherish?

5.      Give your Bio Energetic Synchronisation Technique Practitioner a call and get a B.E.S.T. treatment.  This technology gently removes the sub conscious interference pattern being triggered, bringing about energy for your body systems to align and replenish.

The reality is that It doesn’t matter WHAT situation arises or life experiences arise (or life lessons as I like to call them) they come along regardless and we are not in control of that. 

However, how we CHOOSE TO REACT to those experiences IS something that is within our grasp and our abilities.  So, in order to move positively forward in life which causes the least amount of exhaustion within my body systems,  I choose to breathe, I choose to see my B.E.S.T. practitioner when needed, I choose to Morter March, I choose to learn my lessons and I choose to be grateful.

After I have taken my self-care step the situation or person is still happening…   The difference is, is that I no longer give the scenario an unhealthy spotlight internally, I can handle it, move forward and I feel much more able to cope and focus on what to do next.

About the Author

Emma Manning is a Qualified Certified Bio Energetic Synchronisation Technique Practitioner working from BEST Studio in Noosa, Eudlo and Ashgrove Brisbane.  Emma has walked her journey with B.E.S.T. and continues to practise the Six Essentials in Life, choosing physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Emma is a mother to two teenagers and lives on the Sunshine Coast with her fiance and two Chihuahuas.

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