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Embrace the journey of life

Your destination is there.... it is the journey that creates the memories.

When you go sailing,  you know the start point and the destination. 

Before you head out you time the weather.  Check the reports and make the most of the "setting sail" day. 

Fully stocked with provisions you anticipate all you'll need,  you feel excited and nervous for the journey ahead. 

Once you cast the lines and you make your way out the safe harbour,  you come to terms that this is it.   The adventure has begun. 

While the shore line is still in sight you toil with the notion,  of turning back.   It isn't to late...  

Then you look ahead to the vast open seas.   The possibilities that lie ahead.   You set your course and continue on.   

While you know where you are heading.   You really have no idea what you will encounter along the way. 

Days of wind in your sails,  you make good progress.   You never sail in a straight line though.  Always tacking and jibbing to make the most of the wind.  Always true to the destination. 

It is the journey though.  The change in direction.  The navigation of windless-drifting days,  the storms, swells and the myriad of ships,  long-lines, debris and containers. 

Plotting the course as you sail deeper into the blue.  Ensuring that you are still heading towards the intended destination.

While at sea though it is all about the now.   Facing head-on the minute-to-mintue changes that present.   You can't afford to be complacent.   You do not have the luxury of not keeping track of where you are.

It is one of the most soul-finding,   peaceful,  at times scariest journeys you will ever face.

Unpredictability and certainty all rolled into one adventure of a life time.

No two journeys are ever the same.   Every time you cast those lines you know you have no idea what to anticipate in the deep blue.   

You do know you will reach your destination,  understanding that if you keep your witts about you will get there. 

This is life.  Everyday you cast the lines and venture into something new.  Ever changing seasons, weather and encounters. 

Embrace the journey and trust the winds of change.   Your destination is there.... it is the journey that creates the memories.

Pam Siddins x