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Holding a Grudge, anger or resentment ?

Find your inner peace.

Holding a Grudge, Anger, Resentment, Disappointment or any other contracting feeling towards another is drinking poison and hoping the other person suffers. 

Maybe they feel it.... maybe they don't... who knows. 

Ultimately,  you are hurting yourself.  That alone is the biggest injustice to YOU!

Sure it isn't easy to navigate how you feel.  YOU, feel what you feel... at some point... when you are ready....  you find inner peace.  Not for them.  Not excusing their behaviour....  for you...  You begin to understand how you are hurting yourself.  

You release and you forgive.  YOU LET GO!

YOU,  choose your reactions and learn from the experience.  

YOU, find peace and appreciate  the lesson you learned. 

YOU, accept your part. 

YOU GROW! YOU, no longer imprison yourself!  YOU,  give permission for them to forgive you for your part...

That inner peace.  The calm from the process... That is your healing.   It has nothing to do with them.   It is YOU!!!!  YOU,  navigating your life.  YOUR choices to move forward and YOUR growth from what was to WHAT YOU are becoming 


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Pam Siddins x