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Silent Communication

What your body says without words

Silent communication is so POWERFUL yet we don't give it much credit.

I am big on talking and work on and with communications daily. Anyone that knows me would attest to that.


Communication does however include the unspoken. We should never forget that.


Body language and actions go hand in hand with the spoken word.

Your eyes speak volumes too. I know mine actually change colour with my mood.


Taking all of this into account. It is imperative to remember that is isn't just what we say. It is also what we do and how we present ourselves.

When you are aligned with what you wish to say your body will reflect that.

Keep that in mind. As this is a time miscommunication is easy and trust in the message can be questioned.


Remember to breathe. Drop into yourself and lower your shoulders before you speak.


This is a very effective method to align yourself and gives pause to thought.

Once you are able to match your physical with the spoken you more effectively communicate.


This change in energy also opens the receiver to pause. Align and be more open to receive and process the message.


Give it a try. You will surprise yourself.


written by Pam Siddins

Elite Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner

Wellbeing Strategist