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The value of those that have your back.


In a world of insta everything we find it is easy to dismiss those that matter most.


Our attention span has diminished with the world of tech and the way we approach relationships. Swipe left, swipe right.... all in a matter of seconds an opinion is formed and your options become unlimited.


Yet at the end of the day many walk the journey alone. Through fear of commitment. Through not understanding their own value of self and therefore cannot connect with the value of relationships.


Relationships do have their challenges. Everyone comes from their own belief systems and experiences and as the dance of connecting and growing commences. Wounds may be opened.


This is when it all seems to go pear-shape. The capacity to appreciate those that choose to stand by you. The fear of them seeing your pain.... dare say you are vulnerable before them. So you choose to run.


In this world of insta to find another is easy. Till the next time you see the signs of you opening to more of yourself.


These relationships extend not only to a partner. These days it is friends and family. Too often overlooked for their capacity to love.


Ultimately the ones that have your back should be nurtured. Acknowledged and held close to your heart. As when your wounds are open they are the ones that show no judgement. Forgive your transgressions and show respect to who you are. They value you for you, as you are.


Today. Take a moment to reflect who has your back. Send them a note or better yet give them a call. 

Let them know that as they have yours you have theirs. 
Show gratitude for those that have chosen to share this journey with you ❣❣❣

This is the unconditional love relationships are made of. 😍😍😍


written by Pam Siddins

Elite Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner

Wellbeing Strategist