• The Art of Forgiveness

    Freedom with BENEFITS

    The Art of Forgiveness,
    Freedom with BENEFITS


    Are you struggling with relationships and often can’t connect with your partner because you are living past each other?


    Are you doing the “work”, but you are not achieving that intimate level of connection you are longing for?


    Have you been neglecting your health causing recurring illness, chronic pain and weight issues because you are working too hard focusing on the wrong areas?


    Are you replaying the past and can’t let go? Did you know this makes it hard to cope with daily life which puts you in a state of adrenal fatigue and anxiety because you always chasing perfection (trying to control the future)


    Do you feel Stuck in Deep Emotional Pain that keeps you locked in “That Moment”?

    Do you wish you could ease the constant daily pressure?


    How would your life look if you were able to Create harmony in your life and release the burdening shackles, so you can feel good about yourself again and reconnect with your partner or other significant people in your life.

    • Find your own identity and acceptance to slow down and embrace a fuller life thereby having meaningful connections with others
    • Be healthy and fit again with increased vitality that comes from your inner strength and quietness
    • By understanding that you are worthy, you start to prioritise yourself and your goals become achievable
    • Get yourself out of auto-pilot by being present so you can get into ‘flow’ to enjoy lightness in your body and freedom to smile at life
    • Master your STOP Button to give you the best option to act with your True Personal Power.


    All this is POSSIBLE and so so SO much more. BUT only if you are ready to release your past. The people and experience through FORGIVENESS.

    You are the only one who can create this Freedom.


    When you recognise the impact of your choices not just in your life but those around you, you can truly reconnect with others

    You clear the interference in your systems so you can rewrite your inner scripts to make conscious choices that are BEST for you


    Understand how Our Belief Systems are formed and how they can hold us back from embracing our inner happiness.



    You embrace the 6-essentials of life to achieve Wellness and success in all areas of Your Life.

    Introducing, The Art of Forgiveness - Freedom with BENEFITS Webinar series

    You may be thinking, I cannot Forgive, what happened to me is Unforgivable.
    How does someone like me, even begin to feel a place of forgiveness?


    Forgiveness is not about letting anyone “off the Hook” for their decisions or choices.


    Being Unforgiving hurts but unfortunately what we have seen within the hundreds on clients we have worked with is that it hurts YOU – not the other person.

    Hi, We are Emma Manning, Elite Diplomate BEST Practitioner and Pam Siddins, Elite Master BEST Practitioner and we have helped hundreds of people just like you who wholeheartedly believed forgiveness is NOT possible, nor an option.


    The Truth is, You are only hurting yourself by holding on and dear one, this can and must stop now!!! The Quality of Your Future depends on it.


    Your Freedom with Benefits comes from Mastering THE ART OF FORGIVENESS.

    • Understanding how Our Belief Systems are formed and how they can hold us back from embracing True Forgiveness.
    • Master your STOP Button to give you the best option to act with your True Personal Power.
    • Gain insights to how the 6-essential of life strengths you to Achieve Wellness.
    • Forgive with Sincerity.
    • Achieve Success in all areas of Your Life. (It is YOUR LIFE!!)
    • Recognise the Impact this has not just in Your Life but others around you (e.g. Your Children)
    • Learn the Art of Flow so you can “Juggle” events more fluidly.
    • Release the Cause and Effects of your symptoms and Live a Pain Free Life.
    • Be the BEST you Ever.

    The BEST part is this 30-min Webinar is COMPLETELY FREE

    Embrace the next phase of your Life as the BEST phase of your Life.

    Watch Now and Start Your Discovery of Freedom with Benefits through the ART OF FORGIVENESS.



    And Remember, You Really Can Forgive & Free Yourself

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