• Morter March

    The power to change lies in your actions

    We'd like to introduce you to Dr. Ted and Dr. Tom Morter. You’ve likely heard us talk about them before, as they have had a significant influence on how we think about health and well-being. They are also the founders, along with their father Dr. M. T. Morter, Jr., of the Morter HealthSystem.


    The Morter HealthSystem is changing the way the world heals their mind, body, and spirit. We’d love for you to experience this gift of healing first hand and without charge.


    Each Monday Morning at 9 a.m. U.S. Central Standard Time, Dr. Ted Morter conducts Morter March Monday, where he leads you through a very powerful modality called the Morter March. Think of the Morter March as an active meditation, which combines the unique focus of breath work with a physical and mental component. It is so easy to do and takes less than five minutes to get noticeable effects. You can repeat it as often as you like throughout the day.


    Here’s why it works.

    The Morter March uses tools like cross lateralization to balance the hemispheres of your brain and reconnect your thoughts to your outcomes. It has you moving and integrating your breath with your body mechanics in order to create dynamic focus, and it sets powerful intentions for your day. When you do a series of the Morter March movements, you lock in your intentions in a powerfully integrated way, which has your whole mind, body and spirit focused on a single powerful outcome. It is relaxing, refreshing, and very effective!


    We know you have, as we do, a passion for learning and enjoy experiencing new ways of being. We encourage you to try the Morter March today


    The Dr.’s Morter have created an absolutely free training so you can learn the Morter March in detail, or you can just show up on Mondays on Facebook


    Like their page and they’ll teach you live every Monday. They intend to reach a million people with this life-changing gift. We want to be a part of that goal, so we are sharing this with you so you can be part of that change, too. If you feel inspired, please share this with your friends as well.


    As Dr. Ted likes to say, “The pattern unlocks the power.” Doing the Morter March will unlock something special in you, which will power you and your days in ways you’ve always dreamed possible.

    Join us on Monday, for Morter March Monday!


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