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    Alana A

    Gold Coast

    Since starting on my B.E.S.T treatment journey my life has blossomed significantly. I can confidently say that the treatments have provided my body & soul with the right tools and healing powers to create an abundance in health, wealth, opportunities and love! I have never felt so clear in my life. The interference removal technique is incredible and so powerful! I recommend everyone have a B.E.S.T treatment to enhance and heal all aspects of life.

    Nikki L

    Gold Coast

    Amazing experience. Thank you so much.. I was a new woman after a treatment. The sparkle in my eye the feeling my whole body felt.
    Would highly recommend this treatment. xx much love

    Steve W


    Thank you for helping me deal with my CRPS. The balance between mind and body is crucial for me and your techniques are amazingly helpful. Highly recommend you to everyone



    Pam is a Beautiful Gifted Soul!!

    I recently had to be guided gently through a period of physical and emotional turmoil.

    Pam and I worked through emotions and strategies completely online. Pam was so patient even though I was a complete mess!

    Pam had also previously unlocked an absolutely profound Spiritual experience for me, at her retreat. An absolute Heaven on Earth experience!

    Sometimes in your Life, you are given Gifts. Pam is one of those.

    I sincerely Thankyou x

    Clare D


    After overhearing several people, over several weeks, talking excitedly about their experience with B.E.S.T. I decided to try it for myself. That was when I was introduced to Pam Siddins and I've been working with her for the past 12 months. I've done a lot of work on myself over the years and thought I was pretty clear of much emotional 'baggage'. Not so. I have felt a massive difference since working with Pam who is an elite practitioner of B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronisation Technique) here in Noosa and the Sunshine Coast. I happily recommend everyone experience this and encourage you to contact Pam for a free consultation... you will be amazed at how quickly life begins to change for the better. Whether your issues are physical or emotional, this modality works on any issue. PS On many occasions I have received text messages from Pam with a word or words to focus on right out of the blue and wondered how she knew what I needed right at that moment). She is one of the happiest people I know, is always smiling and yet has a deep understanding of what needs to be done to help us remove the blocks we create in ourselves that impede our health, wealth and happiness.

    Definitely 5 stars to Pam and B.E.S.T



    Pam works absolute magic! I have had many massages in my life and I won't go anywhere else anymore. Her intuition while she is massaging is second to none. Absolutely recommend.



    I injured my back at work and even after seeing a doctor and being prescribed medication inwas still in a lot of pain and struggled to move. After seeing Pam my pain level is down by at least 80%. I can move around now and play with my kids. Thank you so much Pam for your help i 100% recommend her to anyone who has suffered an injury like mine and I will be back again.



    Pam, your hands are magic! Firm, effective massage. Thank you so much for sorting me out so I can enjoy Christmas & my trip. Already looking forward to our next appointment


    Gold Coast

    There are people in this world who are gifted.. they tap into our souls on a deep and intimate level. They see us as the flawed beauties we are, take hold of our hands and guide us through our personal roadblocks and into enlightenment. Pam is gifted even far beyond these walking angels..

    As confronting as it is to have your authentic self reflected back at you through her eyes, it is necessary for those who aspire to true self love and self acceptance..

    Interestingly, you will walk forward from your time with Pam in a state of bliss and absolute exhaustion blended together due to the intense crash course of 'self' that has been explored in a safe and accepting space.

    My relationship with myself has been transformed since the day I met Pam earlier this year. The flow on effect has caused my relationships with those closest around me to drastically improve almost overnight.

    I am a Funeral Director and the most noticeable shift I've had since meeting Pam is my ability to hold space and support my families while giving from my overflow.

    Pam, you are a gifted in such abundance and look forward to our many sessions in the future.


    Mountain Creek

    Had a “quick fix” with Pam this afternoon after experiencing some pain in my hips that was leading to tight calves and cramping. Pam realigned the muscles and as they went back into the correct position, almost instantly felt better. I feel so great being pain free and not having the constant feeling of discomfort. 10/10 for Pam



    Felt great after Pam’s treatment. I love that Pam is not only a great masseuse but also an energy healer. She has a true gift, her BEST healing sessions are very powerful. Wonderful treatment!! 5 stars



    Pam you are a miracle worker! Your energy and ability to help is amazing. Thank you, thank you thank you! We will see you again very soon.



    I have just completed my 3rd BEST session with Pam and it has been a deeply healing and transformational process for me over the last 3 months. I have been actively working on my health and personal & spiritual development for a long time and this has finally provided the key which has enabled me to fully be reaping the benefits of all my efforts.....It is literally amazing for me how rapidly things have shifted and the immediate and lasting benefits I've received.... Pam is a deeply skilled & caring facilitator of a highly effective modality, thank you for all the gifts I have received in such a short time, I feel very blessed by you!



    I am forever grateful for Pam Siddins coming into my life. She has made a profound change in my mental, physical and spiritual well-being. I initially booked a massage and embarked on an unexpected but delightful energy-healing journey which has aided in getting off all medication for chronic vestibular migraines (and there were a lot of medications). Suffering adrenal fatigue coupled with emotional overwhelm saw many chronic illnesses (vestibular migraine (PPPD), asthma plus many bouts of pneumonia & pleurisy) over the past 3-4 years. 12 months on and I am forever grateful to be western medication-free thanks to CBD oil and some homeopathic herbs and slowly but surely gaining my soulful self back again. Pam met me at my absolute lowest point and is without a doubt my saving grace, my angel. I couldn't have asked for a better human to be on this journey with me.


    Sippy Downs

    Pam has been a true lifesaver, I came to her in extreme pain after being to a physio that did nothing to help me. I had shouting pain from my back down to my left leg , after one session I was able to walk again.

    I highly recommend Pam as a beautiful person and a great healer.



    Had a “quick fix” with Pam this afternoon after experiencing some pain in my hips that was leading to tight calves and cramping. Pam realigned the muscles and as they went back into the correct position, almost instantly felt better. I feel so great being painfree and not having the constant feeling of discomfort. 10/10 for Pam

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