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Trying to find the Balance

Find your balance in life.

Who remembers the fun they had on a see-saw? 

If no-one was around.   I would sit on one end and kick as hard as I could to make it go up and down. 

Sometimes,  another of similar size was there to join in the joyous rhythm of going up and down.  Then there were days that we would be a big group, all sit on one end while someone tried their very best to tip the group up. 

With gleeful giggles we would  try to see who could bounce the hardest when the saw came down.  Or who could make the see go up the fastest. 

Oh how blissful those days were.  Trying to find the balance point,  creating an equal give n take of rhythmic playground fun. 

The see-saw was no fun otherwise.   A contraption of simple design that doesn't do anything if not used for the intended purpose. 

Life is a see-saw.   Simple design but only useful when momentum is created to get it moving. 

We all have this notion to strive for balance.  How much fun is a see-saw when balanced?  

Static.  Stationery.   While a moment of satisfaction when you establish that perfect balance point.... then what? 

You have to tip and dip if there is going to be any fun after all. 

We talk of home/work/life balance. 

Here is the reality....  some projects will require more time and dedication.   On completion of the project you have the opportunity to tip the scale and focus again on the home and visa versa. 

Consider for a second...  The balance we seek is not equal number of hours but the appreciation of the quality of the energy we share in each moment. 

Giving someone complete undivided attention for 20mins goes a lot further than spending 3 distracted hours together. 

Focus for 20mins of a project is far more productive than 10 hrs of unfocused commitment. 

While you may find yourself at times needing to give more energy to one thing over another.   You have the opportunity to create a rhythmic balance much like that of the see-saw. 

Sometimes self-propelled. Other times with someone of equal capacity and then at times with a group. 

Gleeful.  Joyous.  Harmony.  

Life.... with all the tips and dips.