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When your intentions go wrong

are you doing it for your or them?

Sometimes our best intentions can go very wrong. We miss read the situation and our own ego can get in the way. 

It is one of those awful feelings when you know that your best intentions may have caused more harm than help. 

Therein lies the problem. When we try to "help" when help is not what was being asked for. The notion of "I know what is better for you" is a huge slice of ego at play and you have to ask yourself why do you so desperately feel the need to help. What is it in yourself that you are trying to "fix" that you seem to force yourself onto others. 

These are those moments when you do need to sit with yourself and reflect deeply on what it is you, yourself are not being honest about. 

Where can you make the necessary changes for yourself so you can expand through this process. 

What you are feeling is not wrong. It is an indicator that you may be hiding the truth from yourself. THIS IS NOW YOUR TIME TO SHINE and see what this shadow self is teaching you. 

Show yourself compassion as it is not an easy process when confronting self. Give yourself some time. Take comfort that this is an opportunity for growth and you will come through this a little wiser.


Written by Pam Siddins

Elite Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner

Wellbeing Strategist