• Meet The Team

    To share the healing properties of Bio-Energetic Synchronisation Technique with all; empowering people to reach a vibrant picture of physical and emotional health by embracing happiness and success in life, building fulfilling relationships with themselves and others and championing a prosperous life congruent with their purpose and well-being.

    Pam siddins massage,

    Pam Siddins

    Elite Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner

    Massage Therapist

    Intuitive Healer

    Pam is passionate about empowering people to reach their highest potential and achieve their health, wealth and relationship goals.


    Using her innate natural ability in combination with the B.E.S.T. modality to help you and those you love. By gently establishing a lasting connection with each one of her clients, allowing them the space and ability to realign their belief systems moving towards what serves each client best for living in today’s momentum.


    B.E.S.T. became a passion for her when she saw the amazing influence it had her own life and that of her family.

    Our bodies reveal short-circuited neurological patterns as a result of unresolved subconscious emotional issues, and this affects our physical and emotional systems which determine our health and wholeness. Pam can help you to gently and effectively resolve issues for you and your family with sleep, behaviour, health and relationships using the B.E.S.T. guidelines - a healing science which addresses both physical and emotional causes, not the symptoms.


    B.E.S.T. stands for Bio Energetic Synchronisation Technique and is widely used all over the world by health practitioners who understand our bodies' own ability to heal for optimal health and well-being.


    Pam is an Elite Master B.E.S.T. Practitioner, Speaker, Coach and Mum of four boys, Pam appreciates the challenges that arise in time management, prioritizing self and the importance of integrating what we learn. How our beliefs through experience change. Living a life, embracing life lessons and not letting it have an adverse effect on our health and wellbeing.


    Pam faced her own mobility issue and embarked on understanding movement and breathing. Energy Codes and Remedial Massage has been added to her portfolio for well-being advancements. How the physical body adapts and functions as the body releases interference and how to accommodates the changes as the mind and spirit aligns.


    Pam facilitates many workshops, private consults and speaking engagements. Her vision is to reach out to as many people as possible to demonstrate how by applying B.E.S.T. to every aspect within life, you can change and improve people’s physical, mental and spiritual health forever.

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    Max Leone

    Reiki Master

    Massage Therapist

    Intuitve Healer


    We welcome Max (Massimiliano) to the team at BEST STUDIO.

    Max, a nature loving, didgeridoo enthusiast and Italianhumanitarian joins us to share his intuitive healing and massage.

    Max has a wealth of knowledge. As a Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer, Soundhealer and Massage Therapist. Max offers Intuitive Healing, Relaxation Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Magnesium Massage, Hot Stone Massage. With a full spectrum of techniques fromlight to deep tissue Massage.

    Max is in his last term of training as Remedial Massagetherapist, which affords Max the ability to tailor each massage and healing experience to address specific concerns and create the best suited treatment plans.


    Reiki Master (2023)

    Cert V – Massage (2023)

    Intuitive Spiritual Healing Diploma with Health and HarmonyCollege (2021)